Your must have return to work checklist

The following return to work checklist is our detailed guide to ensure you are able to return to work confidently (and feel pretty organised too.)

Download the template here.

  • Speak with your partner about your return to work date.
  • Inform your manager of your intention to return to work in writing at least four weeks before your period of parental leave expires. At this time you should also discuss the exact role you will be returning to and expectations.
  • Make contact with your manager and talk about your return to work, confirming your hours and days of work.
  • Ensure you are clear on the deliverables and expectations.
  • Do you need a new employment contract if your hours and terms have changed?
  • Request flexible working arrangements if you need to balance child care and work commitments. This needs to be in writing and we have a template available on our site here.
  • Advise Human Services of your return to work and any possible income changes.
  • Look at possible options for childcare, such as location, providers, hours etc. Make sure availability fits with work requirements.
  • Ensure alternative care arrangements are secured. Plan for contingencies such as who will look after a sick child: you, your partner or someone else.
  • If you want to work from home on your return, make sure that everything is agreed in writing and you and your manager are clear on expectations.
  • Reinstate parking, memberships, emails, newsletters etc.
  • Have you completed a dry run through?
  • Discuss how to continue breastfeeding (if relevant) after your return to work with your employer.

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