Co-founder of Circle In, Jodi Geddes’ very moving motherhood journey

To Jodi Geddes, motherhood is everything she thought it would be and everything she didn’t think it would be. Every mother has a story and Jodi doesn’t particularly feel like her story is anything special. It’s ironic that at Circle In, Jodi spends every week reading and writing stories from inspiring mothers around Australia and now here she is, trying to find and tell her incredible, moving story.

My motherhood journey started 2 days before our wedding, when I found out I was pregnant. It was magic and I couldn’t have asked for more. Especially given that the year prior had been the worst year of my life as we almost lost my brother. We spent most of that year in hospitals, as a surfing accident left him in a coma and fighting for his life for months. 34 operations, 2 strokes, countless blood transfusions and so much more. And so this pregnancy news was what our family needed after so much heartache.

But this period of happiness lasted only 12 weeks, when at the first scan I knew immediately something was not right. It’s true what they say about mothers instinct and how it just hits you the minute you become a mother. Within minutes of the scan starting, we were rushed to a small room and asked to wait while they made urgent calls and organised further testing. It seemed so unfair, especially after what we had just been through. My husband and I cried like we had never cried before.

We were newly married, still living most days in and out of hospitals with my brother and trying to understand why sometimes in life everything feels so unfair. We decided to move suburb and start fresh and gosh it was the best decision ever. 8 months later I fell pregnant and despite living each day afraid of the worst, I had an easy pregnancy and welcomed our healthy daughter.

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