Jodi Geddes family re-connected on holidays

Jodi Geddes family re-connected on holidays

I have never understood those people who don’t take holidays. You know them, those people who are constantly being asked to take their accrued leave or add an extra day onto their long weekends. 

I seriously do not get them.

Recently, I took the leap and decided to leave the corporate world. I was burnt out, ready to do something different but most of all, in need of more quality time with my family. I had spent the last year working crazy hours, missing bed time routine with my two young kids, sending emails whilst trying to bath and do dinner. It was destroying me and my family.

My husband and I knew we needed to do something. It was important for us, our family and for me. So we took the opportunity to book a month in Bali and live the local lifestyle. We wanted to disconnect and reconnect.

It had a profound impact on every aspect of my life. I always knew holidays were important, but I now think holidays are critical. We should have more leave. We should take more leave if we can.

Holidays reconnect you. Holidays make you realise what is important in life. Holidays re-energise you and give you time to ensure you are living the life you want. We live in a world full of rules, boundaries and social media. It is a world that consumes us every minute of the day and I am not sure I like it. Bali taught us to be more present. That life exists with limited social media. That our children are happier when we are happy. That a simple life is a wonderful one.

We have now committed to some small changes in our life. Some simple things around how we really will achieve work life harmony (we don’t believe in work life balance at Circle In), how we will now have a strict no-mobile policy before the kids’ bedtime and how my husband and I can continue this newfound happiness and quality time together. We have more commitments but this is a personal list. The point is, that this holiday forced us to re-evaluate and make some simple changes to our life.

So when is the next holiday you have booked? Is it long enough? Will it create the environment for you to fully switch off and be present? It doesn’t have to be expensive or luxurious. It is about doing it and ensuring you get out if it what you need.

C’mon mamas, we all need a break and need to look after ourselves. Go request your annual leave now!

Written by Jodi Geddes, Co-founder of Circle In

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