How do we find balance amidst this seemingly endless slog?

Do we wait for someone to let us in on the secret? While this idea is good in theory, with social media hovering it is often difficult to remember…especially when you’re grinding away at your new business. You’re up until midnight every night, creating, planning, hustling, building. Meanwhile, it seems like everyone else is on holiday, having cocktails with friends, spending time with family, cruising the coast on their new yacht. Yep! While you’re punching in 18-hour days, juggling a business, sick kids and, well, not much else.

How do we find balance amidst this seemingly endless slog? Do we wait for someone to let us in on the secret? Unfortunately, just like dieting, there is no quick fix. Someone else will not solve the problem for you. I hate to say it, but (like everything else) the solution is entirely up to you. This doesn’t mean that guidance, mentorship and help is not available to you, but again, like the diet, action starts with you.

You need to create the time in your day to step away from the laptop/work station and meditate or go for a walk…even if it is for only five minutes. It is up to you to schedule a date with your partner at home once the kids are in bed…even if it is for only five minutes. Spend quality time with your kids…again, even if it’s for only five minutes, and don’t beat yourself up if you’ve had a particularly busy day or week.

You are holding the steering wheel. You make the call on your life and your business. Structure your time to suit you. Outsource or recruit where required. Be gentle on yourself. And for goodness’ sake, stop comparing yourself to those people on their yacht and, instead, aspire to join them, on your own yacht!

Written by Erin Scammell AKA The Stolen Stylist. Stylist, writer and small biz owner, Erin Scammell has privately styled groups and individuals for over a decade. She has also appeared in television commercials, written a lifestyle column, emceed fashion events and worked on fashion editorials. The Stolen Stylist was born from a love of style and a passion to empower others.

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