Checklist for requesting flexible working arrangements

Requesting flexible working arrangements need not be as daunting as it sounds. Here are a few tips on how to request flexible working arrangements with your employer.

  • Understand your organisation’s flexible work policy (if any.) Speak with colleagues and gain an understanding of the different types of arrangements in place.
  • Talk with your partner about your personal situation and what the ideal scenario looks like.
  • Think about the needs of the business. Start to pull together your business case for working flexibly (we have a pitch-perfect letter below to use as a template to submit your request to your employer.)
  • Draft your request and send to your employer.
  • Ask to meet with your manager to discuss the proposal.
  • If eligible, you should know within 21 days.
  • Make sure you put everything in writing and be sure to keep checking in with your manager to make sure the arrangement is working for both parties.


Private and confidential

Employee details:
[Your name]
[Contact details]
[Job title]

Dear [insert manager’s name]

RE: Request for flexible working arrangements

I would like to request to work a flexible work arrangement that is different to my current working arrangement.

I am making this request to help care for my child.

I can confirm I have worked continuously as an employee of this organisation for the last 12 months and am employed on a [full time basis/part time basis/casual basis.]

I would like to start working [include a paragraph to describe the flexibility you would like to have in the future including the days/hours/times you would like to work.]

These changes will assist me because [insert reasons.]

I would like to request this working arrangement to start from [insert date.]

I think this change in my working pattern will affect my employer and colleagues by [include any information on the impact you feel your flexible working pattern will have on your employer.]

I think the impact on the business and my colleagues can be dealt with by [include steps you feel can be taken to accommodate your flexible working pattern.]

I would appreciate your response to this request and am happy to discuss this matter at a time that is convenient. I am willing to discuss possible alternatives to the arrangements I have outlined and I am also willing to work with you to make sure that this arrangement works effectively for both the business and me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

[Insert name]

Source: Fair Work Ombudsman

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