Checklist for a productive meeting

Checklist for a productive meeting

This is a simple checklist that will help you plan for your next meeting so that it is effective and productive.

Our simple top tips for an effective meeting:

  1. Know the desired outcome of the meeting
  2. Have the right people in the room
  3. Ensure everyone has an agenda and is comfortable with it
  4. Stick to timings
  5. Select the right venue and make sure the resources work
  6. Have a plan B
  7. Ask for feedback following the meeting
  8. Ensure minutes or a follow up are sent

This guide will help prepare you for that important meeting. This can be especially useful when you first return and your confidence might be lower than usual.

Meeting with:
What’s the purpose of the meeting?
The outcome I want in this meeting is:
What is an area that you could really add value? (for example, what are you most comfortable talking about or what insight can you bring to the meeting?)
Questions I might ask are:
Areas I want to avoid: (for example, talking too much, body language)

Download the template here.

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