A parental leave letter you can send to your colleagues

A parental leave letter you can send to your colleagues

Baby brain hits the best of us; that’s why we are making it easier for you by providing you with a simple parental leave letter you can send to your work colleagues.

We suggest letting the key people you work with know that you are heading off on parental leave. This is a great idea for many reasons; it manages expectations, shows that you value their relationship and provides an opportunity to stay connected.

You may want to send this letter individually or in-bulk. This is your decision and only you can decide on the best way to manage your key work relationships. Whatever you decide, it will be a great career move.

Download the template here.

Feel free to modify or personalise the email below to your individual needs.

Hi [insert name/s]

As you are aware, I will shortly be heading off to begin parental leave. I wanted to personally let you know my dates and how I would value staying connected.

My last day in the office will be [insert date] and at this stage I plan to return in [insert month and year.]

I take great pride in my performance and the quality of my work. It is important to let you know that I have submitted a detailed plan to my manager to ensure that your needs will be taken care of in my absence.

I plan to spend quality time with my new baby and so I will not be available over the next [insert the number of months away from work] months for work-related queries. My job responsibilities will be managed by [insert name] and they can be contacted on [insert email.]

I would really value connecting at some point during my leave and will be in contact with you to organise a coffee.

Thank you for your ongoing support. I look forward to working with you up until my maternity leave and then again after I return to the office.

Kindest regards

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